Catching Up – Writing More!

Well, it really looks like I have been neglecting this blog way too much lately. Which just isn’t right! Craig and I have been working double time lately and I haven’t been writing in here often simlpy because I have been focused on getting other things done. That said, I really should be writing in here more often in order to keep you all up to date on all the things we are doing, and all of the plans we are making! Communication is important!

So, sorry. We’re about to send out another newsletter tonight which will have all of the catch up material in on, on what has been happening, so I won’t go in to any details here. But I have neglected to post about the News article which named rbutr as one of ten startsup likely to change the face of news forever! And the article which we just had published in, and the most recent article written about the “Requested Rebuttals’ page by Tim Farley, and the fact that I had a chat with‘ Dan Whaley about our respective plans and ambitions. I am hopeful that and rbutr can form a really strong team moving forward, doing each of our respective bests to make an impact on the way information online is organised.

Oh, and I should also mention that my time here in Chile with the Start-Up Chile program has been redirected towards rbutr now. I was accepted in to the program on the back of Immortal Outdoors, my pet project of the past few years. But in light of the rapid deployment and interest generated by rbutr, it is clear that my time, attention, and financial backing by the Start-Up Chile program is much better spent on rbutr.

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