About Those Browsers…

So probably the most common question that I have received over the few days (since getting a lot of attention from Reddit and Hacker News (thanks for posting that btw MichaelJW!) is when we will be expanding to Firefox. And can we make a plugin for Safari? And can we make a plugin for Opera? And, well, no one mentioned Internet Explorer.

It is still the most widely used browser you know! (rebuttal for your pleasure)

But anyway, we are going to heavily prioritise producing a Firefox extension, and try to get it out asap. That involves waiting for a few other higher priority tasks to be completed – hashing of URL’s to protect your privacy (almost completed!), and the creation of a pop-up alert whenever you visit a rebutted page (because even I am not seeing the little red one in the corner while browsing, and it makes it seem like rbutr does nothing, when you might just be missing all of the rebuttals it is trying to give you!).

So they are two high priority jobs we need to do before expanding to firefox. And there are a few (or millions) of other smaller jobs, like improving the popup display to make it more intuitive. And things like that. I am also working on significant re-workings of the “Browse” page display. We are adding a few more display formats to that, and making it much more usable. But amongst trying to get the other crucial jobs done, while replying to comments on Reddit and Hacker News, tweeting, blog post writing, emailing journalists, presenting at Universities, preparing financial statements for Start-Up Chile, sometimes the little things like…putting our new logo on the website ๐Ÿ˜€ have just been a bit slapdash…

We will get there in the end. Especially if the Knight Foundation decide to help us out with a little more funding! ๐Ÿ™‚

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