rbutr Newsletter Number 3

Welcome to rbutr’s third newsletter. We have some great news with regards to the Knight News Challenge, and some very good new coverage in the media.

Application Upgrades

No significant changes since our last newsletter. A few bug fixes is all. Some major upgrades coming over the next few weeks!

Knight News Challenge

Some huge news here – We made it in to the top 52! Out of 1078 applications, rbutr was selected to participate in the final round of consideration by a board of experts. So thank you to everyone who helped out by liking, commenting and reblogging our application. It is out of our hands now as the panel of experts review all of the applications and will over time recommend their final 15. I am sure that the fact that we had such a strong showing of support in such a short period of time very much helped the Knight Foundation team see that rbutr is a great project which can change the way information is accessed online. Afterall, what goal can be more important than providing people with an easy way to access opposing perspectives, well argued? Now we await the decision of the current panel, and hope they agree that rbutr deserves to be in the top 15, and then finally, the winning group! The final winners should be announced in June some time.

Who is Talking About rbutr Now?

Tim Farley at SkepTools and Skepticality

Tim Farley, a long time support of rbutr, and curator/author of ‘What’s the Harm’ and ‘SkepTools’, has done a complete review of our application and written a great blog post on it. It stands as a great introduction to rbutr for anyone who hasn’t heard of it before. He has also mentioned rbutr in a piece on the past and future of skepticism in the Official Skeptic Magazine podcast. So thank you once again Tim!

The Australian

On the 17th of April The Australian published a great article about rbutr and it’s recent success with the first round of the Knight News Challenge. Unfortunately the article is mostly behind a pay wall, so you can only see the first two paragraphs of the article:  Tool to sift truth from web of lies vies for media innovation award

This should be the first story of many more to come in the media!

A Few Recently Added Rebuttals




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