Knight Foundation’s News Challenge Places rbutr in It’s Top 52

rbutr has been selected to proceed to the next round of reviews in the Knight Foundation News Challenge. Out of a field of 1078 applications, only 52 were selected to proceed to this round. From here, a panel of industry experts will review each of the 52 and cull that list down to about 15 applications which will then be more rigorously considered in order to reduce the list down to only 4-6  projects which will finally be presented to the Knight Foundation board who will review and accept the final winners.

rbutr is looking for $250,000 in funding from this competition in order to fund significant development and community building efforts, as well as other associated operational costs.

All Entries Accepted in the First Round

About The Knight News Challenge

The Knight News Challenge is the part of three competitions that the Knight Foundation are running in 2012. It is focused on using existing networks to find innovative ways to deliver news and information. This competition will be part of the Knight Foundation’s $100 million plus media innovation initiative.

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