Second Round of Beta Testers Invited!

We have just sent out the invites to our second round of beta testers, more than doubling the total number of people invited to our beta testing period, hopefully giving us a lot more data about how people are using rbutr, and helping us to identify how to proceed with the project.

At this stage we feel pretty comfortable that most bugs are out of the system (the current system of course – there is still scope for a lot more development, so we might create new bugs!), so that is the first big achievement. The app works, and if I do say so myself, it works really bloody well. It is simple, efficient and works as advertised. I am really proud of Craig’s work, and Klaus’ work on the functionality and design of the app (Klaus was our designer) – I think the whole thing is quite beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

Now all we need is for all of the people we have in the beta testing group to really get behind the project, and start adding rebuttals to the system. I know that the real desire is to just sit back and let the app hand rebuttals to us (that IS what I want!), but somewhere along the line, we need to get rbutr seeded, and growing. We need new rebuttals being added all the time. And at the moment, you beta testers are our only chance of getting more links in the system.

Also, for the numerous bloggers who have joined us, please take note of the “request a page be rebutted” function of the app – because if you have ever wanted to be handed content worth blogging about which people are interested in, then this is it. You can browse the list of requested pages, write your own rebuttal to any of them, and then link it in the system and know that you will get traffic. of course, at this stage it may not be huge traffic (because we are purposefully limiting the number of users!), but if you can get your blog post to be the best rebuttal to a popular page, then when we get rbutr out to the larger public audience, then the traffic will start flowing your way ๐Ÿ™‚

So please, keep adding, keep voting, and keep requesting. And each step forward we take, we get one step closer to finally linking every argument online to its most appropriate response!


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