rbutr 101 – Some of the Tools Available to You

This post is a tutorial on how to get started with rbutr. Either watch the video, or read the picture assisted text – your choice!

Finding rebuttals Already Added to the System

The idea behind rbutr is to sit there silently waiting until you read an article that you really want to see an opposing perspective to – and that is when it pops up and offers you its perfect rebuttal link. It is quite, out of the way and simple. But when you first install it, you might want to quickly give it a test run to see how it works and see some examples of the sort of stuff that is already in the system – so we have added a range of options for you to use to browse the rebuttals already in the system.

Go to a Random Discussion

The quickest option available to you is to simply click on the extension button and select the “Go to a Random Discussion” link. Clicking this link opens up rebutted page in a new tab.

random discussion in rbutr image

Click on the extension button, then click on this link

Browse Rebuttals

Another option is to browse all of the rebuttals in the system, filtering by Tags. This is done by clicking on menu within the extensions popup window:

rbutr popup menu image

Click on Menu

And then within the menu options, simply click “Browse Existing Rebuttals”:

Image of the menu options in the extension popup for rbutr

Click on Browse Existing Rebuttals

That will take you to a page of all available tags where you can simply select what subject is of interest to you, and then browse all source pages entered in to that subject.

How to Vote on The Rebuttals You Read

rbutr vote alert buttons

If you see either of these rbutr buttons, it means you can vote on this rebuttal

All voting is handled through the rbutr popup window and you need to have clicked through from the source page (the page that has been rebutted) to the rebuttal page in order to vote on the rebuttal. We have set it up this way because you aren’t just voting on the rebuttal page itself, you are voting on the quality of the rebuttal page *as* a rebuttal to the source page. So the idea is that you should have seen both pages before you can really vote…

So when you go to a random discussion, click on the rbutr button and then click through to any rebuttal available. On the rebuttal page, your rbutr button will either show a yellow “vote” alert, or a red V followed by a number “V1” for example. The V, and obviously the yellow vote alert, means you can vote on this rebuttal.

When you click on the button, you will see the following dialogue:

rbutr vote screen

Click on the thumbs up or thumbs down buttons to vote.

After you click on the thumbs up or down, you will be asked to pick a keyword description of what makes the rebuttal good or bad. This really helps us understand the rebuttals in our system, and can hopefully help us improve the system over time.

Wrap Up

That will do for now – You should now be able to casually browse through the rebuttals already entered in to rbutr, and vote on those rebuttals. The next tutorial will focus on adding new rebuttals to rbutr!

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