rbutr 101 – How to Add Rebuttals and Request Rebuttals

So we have already covered browsing existing rebuttals in the rbutr system, and voting on those rebuttals, now lets look at adding rebuttals.

Locating Rebuttals

I won’t be covering this topic here, because it has already been covered several times in other articles. The main purpose of this tutorial series is to provide an insight in to the simple mechanical function of the application. So if you want the answer to this question, read the following articles:

Indicating Source and Rebuttal Pages

Every rebuttal link has two parts – the page being rebutted (Source Page) and the rebuttal itself (Rebuttal Page). When adding a rebuttal to the system, you can start at either one of these pages and press on the rbutr button to bring up the popup window and click on “Source” or “Rebuttal” as appropriate to the page which you are currently viewing.

adding a source page to rbutr

Click on the Source Button in the rbutr popup window while looking at the source page in the main window.

The popup window will indicate that your click has been registered, and direct you to navigate to the rebuttal page (or source page if you started with the rebuttal page). You can just click on the other tab at this point, you don’t have to close the popup window, or click OK or anything – it is all stored no matter what you do. Just go to the other half of the rebuttal linkage, and click to add the second page:

adding the rebuttal page on rbutr popup window image

When one half of the rebuttal linkage has been selected, this screen allows you to add the second page, and other options.

Once you have added the two pages (Source and Rebuttal) to the forms, you can add a brief comment about the rebuttal relationship, and tag the link with appropriate keywords, as seen in the image above. Note that you cannot enter the comment or the tags until you have selected both the source and rebuttal pages. However once you have added both a source and a rebuttal page, added a comment and selected at least one tag, you can submit the rebuttal.

Upon submission a new tab will be opened with a confirmation page, and congratulations, you link has been added!

That link will now be displayed as yours, and you will be able to see it on your profile within the list of rebuttals added.

Requesting Rebuttals

Another option available to everyone is to request a rebuttal for a specific source page. If you are reading an article and wish that there was a rebuttal for it, and are unable to find one yourself, then open up the rbutr popup and click on “Request the rbutr community finds rebuttals for this page”.

That is actually all there is to do with this one – clicking on that link will add the page to a list of requested pages, and will subscribe you to that page, meaning that you will be alerted whenever someone creates a link to it. You will be able to manage your page subscriptions from your user account page.

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