Beta Testing Phase Launched!

So we’re really excited to have just launched the closed beta testing phase for rbutr. It has been a real whirlwind getting here, and Craig and I have been working non-stop (and working our designer non-stop too) to get everything in order for the opening of the beta phase – so finally being here is incredibly exciting.

Unfortunately, due to the huge pressure we applied to ourselves in order to get everything ready by today, we are already finding some bugs. Luckily though, we’re fixing them about as fast as they are being found! This is, afterall, the whole purpose of closed beta testing – to find the bugs and fix them as quickly as possible before we open the floodgates up too much!

So we have managed to fix the first major bug which had the rbutr button not actually taking users to the rebuttal pages! That was a little embarrasing, since that is the main point of the app! But that is fixed now, and shouldn’t happen again. We’ve found a few other minor issues too which have been amended, but it is likely no one would notice the difference. So please, keep probing, and playing, and breaking everything you can! Because that is what we want!


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