$250,000 for rbutr – Help us win a bit of the Knights Foundation Newschallenge!

rbutr now has an entry in the Knights Foundation Newschallenge competition – a competition which has seen $27,000,000 awarded over the last five years through this competition (though it has invested $100,000,000 since 2007 overall!)

Anyway, they have $5 million up for grabs in this current competition for innovative solutions which seek “new ways to meet community information needs in the digital age” – you know, like exactly what rbutr is doing! So we have entered in the competition, seeking funding to basically see the whole project through to completion over the next year.

With your support – by simply liking and reblogging the submission, we could be fast tracked through the first round selection stage. If we are able to win this funding, then rbutr will be funded to completion and then we really start to see some action!

So please, have a read through our application, like it, reblog it, tweet it, share it on facebook – just do it fast, we have less than two days left ๐Ÿ™

THANKS FOR YOUR HELP – We love you all! ๐Ÿ™‚

Shane and Craig

ps: Because there are only two days left, their site seems to keep going under due to excessive traffic. Just try again five minutes later, it keeps coming back.


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