Rebuttal Resources for Contentious Subjects – Seed rbutr

So Craig and I have realised that seeding rbutr – adding links to the system so that people want to use the system – is our biggest first challenge. I’m going to refer to this as the “Seed rbutr Problem”.

Through our exploration of finding rebuttals to articles, we have decided that we need to identify the most popular and active bloggers and vloggers on contentious topics, and ideally, find volunteers who will take their fight to rbutr for them.

So I am going to use this post as a resource for listing lists of content-rebutters who write on contentious subjects.

Popular Debates…

Words are list resources, number which follow are single resources (not listed already in the larger list resource)

If any of those subjects are ones which you feel passionately about, then please have a look through the resources we have found for them (or suggest more resources!) and find a few which you would be happy to follow or subscribe to. As you read their posts or watch their videos, just keep rbutr in mind and add any ‘rebuttal-style articles’ you come across to rbutr. It is that easy! And the benefit is that you are playing the foundational steps in seeding rbutr with the sort of content you want its future readers to be exposed to – rebuttals to arguments which you find false, misleading, or problematic. What better role can you play in a topic which you care about?


Finally – PLEASE comment if you know of any resources we can add to this page. It is clearly not comprehensive and lacks more than it has. I don’t have time to investigate all of these topics and find the best resources available for each, so if anyone can help out by directing me to the best, I will be happy to update the post with your recommendations.


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