Alpha Testing

If you are reading this page, you have probably been invited to alpha test rbutr for us. If you haven’t been invited to, but are interested in doing so, then please email me at Shane Greenup's Email and express your interest.

With that said, thank to everyone who is interested in helping! Now, the details…

Installing rbutr

In order to use the extension during the testing phase, you will need to have Chrome  and Dropbox installed. Set up an account with dropbox and then email me (Shane Greenup's Email) your dropbox email address (or the email you would like ot use for dropbox if you don’t alreday have an account) so that we can share the app with you. This is the step which makes you a part of the alpha testing!

Once the rbutr folder has been shared to your dropbox folder, you can activate the rbutr extension in Chrome.

  1. In the top right corner of your Chrome window, click on the wrench icon.
  2. Click Tools > Extensions
  3. On the Extensions page check the “Developer Mode” check box in the top right corner
  4. Click on the “Load Unpacked Extension…” button.
  5. Navigate to the rbutr folder, which is itself in your dropbox folder (the dropbox folder should be in “My Documents” or somewhere like that depending on your OS) and in there select the “Chrome Plugin” folder.
  6. Start Using it!
  7. Find out that you need to register – so register. You will need the secret word to register though, which I will communicate to you via email (to make sure this stays a closed alpha)
  8. Once registered, you will remain logged in to the app.


The files in the rbutr folder will be regularly updated, but in order for those updates to take affect you need to reload the app on your Chrome Extensions page:

  1. Click on the little triangle to the left side of the extension so that more information drops down below it
  2. Click on the reload link
  3. Any pages currently open when you hit reload, will also need to be refreshed in order for the reloaded app to ‘see’ them.
  4. Done…

Feel free to reload it as often or rarely as you want – we will email everyone whenever a major update has been implemented.


Remember, this is pre-release testing. There is no app yet, it is being built. So not only is there no skin for it (no look, no pretty colours etc), but there is still a lot of stuff missing too! All this stuff will of course be fixed up before a public release is made…

edit: but we’re getting pretty close!


I look forward to seeing how you all use it, and what links you find for the system.

I have set up a forum, which I will direct you to via email. Use this forum for reporting bugs, suggesting fixes or improvements etc. Also, as recommended by one tester already – feel free to coordinate yourselves on subjects of topical interest (something in the news recently, for example) – so that you can all interact with data as it happens – as well of course, as anything else you stumble across which is appropriate to add.

In terms of what feedback to leave, feel free to just email me any time with comments, concerns, frustrations, praises, confusions etc. There is no absolute need to do so, just having people use the system will help us see what happens.

Depending on how things go and how many people help us test through this stage, we may end up sending you all a survey to fill in at some point – everything is of course voluntary.

Thanks again!


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