Adding Rebuttals to rbutr – The Challenge…

So we are fully aware of the age old chicken-egg problem that all small start up projects face online these days. We need our users to add content in order for there to be content for our users to use in order for rbutr to have any value. This is a real problem, and our primary focus at this point.

I have just made a video about adding content to rbutr, which will hopefully help our alpha testers find content to add, and this approach is basically the best strategy we have come up with at this stage to add content – find rebuttal content creators, and browse their material. Subscribe to them, and whenever the reply to something, Add it!

It is a bit annoying, but until we get a few hundred users doing this – starting at the conclusion and working backward adding the content to rbutr, rbutr won’t be able to deliver on its promise of enabling people to read online discussions ‘forwards’.



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