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Eight people have added 64 rebuttals since the last Best of rbutr email was sent out. Since then there has been a lot of discussion on the topic of Climate change, continuing debate around fake news and failures of the media, and of course, as always, more Donald Trump controversy.

This edition of the Best of rbutr brings you another 8, brand new, recently published rebuttal pairings over 5 different key topic areas. Enjoy!

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Source Articles Response Articles
The Media
CNN Parts Unknown Hardcore Porn Fake news
CNN did not air 30 minutes of hardcore porn
CNN denies airing 30 minutes of hardcore porn – independent.co.uk The CNN porn scare is how fake news spreads – theverge.com
After a Twitter user tweeted an image which appeared to show hardcore porn playing on CNN, CNN has denied that it aired 30 minutes of hardcore porn. There is no evidence CNN ever aired hardcore porn, and it seems like the Independent ran with this story before doing any fact checking.
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Vladimir Putin on camera in an interview on RT in 2013
The problem with blacklisting fake news websites
Fake NewsMcCarthyismMedia
Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say – washingtonpost.com Washington Post Disgracefully Promotes a McCarthyite Blacklist From a New, Hidden, and Very Shady Group – theintercept.com
The flood of fake news this election was supported by a sophisticated Russian propaganda campaign, says a teach of independent researchers. This anonymous group has not provided the methodology behind any of their claims or conclusions. They also treat everything which is critical of US foreign policy as if it is intentionally pro-Russia propaganda.
Climate Change
Daily Mail chart showing end of record highs as el nino ends
No, the end of El Niño is not the end of global warming
El NiñoGlobal WarmingClimate Change
Stunning new data indicates El Nino drove record highs in global temperatures suggesting rise may not be down to man-made emissions – dailymail.co.uk Factcheck: Newspaper claim about global temperature is ‘deeply misleading’ – carbonbrief.org
Global average temperatures have recently plummeted by more than 1°, reversing the record high temperatures we have been seeing. It was all just El Niño, not global warming. El Niño is ending, but we had our hottest years ever recorded because of global warming, not because of El Niño. The El Niño and La Niña cycle was predicted and is happening exactly as expected.
Global temperature averages without short term variations
Step 1. Establish the warming slowdown exists
SlowdownGlobal WarmingClimate Change
Prospects for a prolonged slowdown in global warming in the early 21st century – nature.com Prolonging a NON-slowdown in global warming – Tamino
Global temperature increased at a slower than predicted rate between 1998 and 2015. This paper investigates whether the reduced rate will continue through to 2020, 2025 or 2030. The paper discusses a slowdown without providing any evidence for it. They chose bad start and finish points for their analysis, ignoring a large jump in temperature before their data and immediately after it too.
Scott and Shackleton boat in Antarctica sea ice
Not all areas of Antarctic sea ice are like they were 100 years ago
AntarcticaSea Ice ExtentClimate Change
Scott and Shackleton logbooks prove Antarctic sea ice is not shrinking 100 years after expeditions – telegraph.co.uk Guest post: Misleading media coverage of Antarctic sea ice paper – carbonbrief.org
Antarctic sea ice has barely changed from where it was 100 years ago, indicating that recent declines are part of a natural cycle, not the result of global warming. Many journalists have misunderstood the message of our research. It isn’t that global warming isn’t affecting the ice, it is that natural variations may be greater than expected, and may mask the affects of global warming.
Voters lined up to vote at Flint Michigan rust belt myth
The rust belt revolution and electing presidents
Rust Belt RevoltDemocracyPolitics
The Not-So-Silent White Majority – nytimes.com The Myth of the Rust Belt Revolt – slate.com
Trump won 14 percent more noncollege whites than Mitt Romney. Those working-class voters were heavily concentrated in the Rust Belt states which consisted of 70 electoral college votes. Trump didn’t flip white working-class voters in the rust belt. The democrats simply lost them. Most of them simply didn’t vote, or voted for a third party.
schoolkids looking at books
Not enough evidence that Phonics testing helps improve literacy
Focus on Phonics: Why Australia should adopt the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check – cis.org.au A new phonics test is pointless – we shouldn’t waste precious money buying it from England – theconversation.com
A simple 5 minute phonics screen could turn around Australia’s problem of too many children not meeting minimum standards in literacy by year 4. The results of implementing this test in the UK were underwhelming. All we know is that students are getting better at sounding out words. We don’t know if they are getting better at reading.
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Australian schoolkid who made Daraprim
Making a drug is not the same as selling a drug
Sydney schoolboys take down Martin Shkreli, the ‘most hated man in the world’ – smh.com.au The dangers of thinking Australian high school kids just schooled Shkreli – arstechnica.com
A University of Sydney chemist working with students from Sydney Grammar School synthesised the active chemical in the anti-parasitic drug Daraprim. The price of this drug was drastically increased by Martin Shkreli in 2015. The price gouge by Martin Shkreli had absolutely nothing to do with how expensive the drug is to make. Schoolkids making it cheaply does not embarrass Shkreli at all.
OK, this actually happened. Australian man punches kangaroo
Australian man punches Kangaroo
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Bigger than most, this week’s Best of rbutr has eight curated, direct rebuttals published over the last week or so. rbutr had 50 rebuttals added by 7 people in the week following the 14th of November. Our best ever week was 64 people adding 536 rebuttals.

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Post-truth = lying. Fake news = propaganda. Alt-right = white supremacy. Prevent double-speak. Use the correct words.

-Dan Brown

Source Articles Response Articles
Global Sea Ice graph Nov 2016
The terrifying reality of the decline in global sea ice
Sea IceClimate ChangeScience
How Arctic ice has made fools of all those poor warmists – telegraph.co.uk Sea Ice, North and South – Tamino
This article from 2015, among many, made fun of Climate change when a research vessel was trapped in sea ice after a large sea ice recovery. It claims that climate change is a scare story, and this recovery reveals that. This recent blog post shows how deluded these previous articles were, and how terrible the current sea ice situation is, including reference to the total sea ice (north and south poles) and how surprisingly low it is this year.
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Polar bear pats local dog
Wild polar bear pats a chained up dog
Polar BearNatureScience
Gentle giant polar bear cuddles up with dog in Churchill – cbc.ca People are wildly misinterpreting a “heartwarming” video of a polar bear playing with a dog – qz.com
A video shows a polar bear softly patting a dog in the seaside town of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. That isn’t a polar bear bonding with a dog, it is a wild predator playing with its food. Don’t anthropomorphise wild predators.
FoodBabe claism FDA and EPA covering up glyphosate test results
EPA and FDA are not trying to bury results of non-peer-reviewed lab tests
Monsanto Is Scrambling To Bury This Breaking Story – Don’t Let This Go Unshared! – foodbabe.com ConfoundUp – snopes.com
A federal lab has tested everyday food for presence of glyphosate and found alarmingly high levels of it. Monsanto, the EPA and the FDA are trying to silence the harmful effects of Glyphosate. The claims of FoodBabe’s article are false. There is no evidence the EPA or FDA are trying to silence anything, and the lab results here are funded by a lobby group, and not published in a peer-reviewed publication.
Homeopathy and glyphosate research with rates serlaini
Deconstructing a peer-reviewed paper on homeopathy and glyphosate
Dig1 protects against locomotor and biochemical dysfunctions provoked by Roundup – nih.gov No, homeopathic remedies can’t “detox” you from exposure to Roundup: Examining Séralini’s latest rat study – thelogicofscience.com
A paper published in BioMed Central – Complementary and Alternative Medicine journal found that the medicinal plant extract Digeodren prevented negative side effects to short-term intoxication by glyphosate. A thorough point by point critique of all that is wrong with this paper, from major conflicts of interest to poor experimental design and more, in an effort to educate people on how to identify bad science. “This paper is a statistical fishing trip”.
Child receiving medicine for homeopathy cold and flu study
Critical appraisal of recent homeopathic cold and flu medication study
A randomized controlled trial of a homeopathic syrup in the treatment of cold symptoms in young children – complementarytherapiesinmedicine.com Homeopathic Syrup for the Treatment of Pediatric Colds: Randomized Controlled Nonsense is Still Nonsense – sciencebasedmedicine.org
Colds are common in children, and homeopathic treatments are an option available to parents. This study claims to demonstrate that homeopathic cold and flu treatments are effective in reducing the deverity of cold symptoms. “In regards to the primary outcome being studied, the effect of the homeopathic syrup on 4 core cold symptoms an hour after dosing, this study was a complete and utter failure. There were no differences compared to placebo.”
Donald Trump on his Muslim Registry
Donald Trump and that muslim registry idea
Muslim RegistryTrumpPolitics
Full statement from Jason Miller re Trump and Muslim registry – Jim Acosta Trump spokesman says Trump never called for a Muslim registry. That is a lie. – thinkprogress.org
An image of the statement by Jason Miller, comms director of Trump’s transition team, saying that Trump never advocated for any registry system which tracks people based on their religion. “Trump explicitly advocated for a Muslim registry on November 19, 2015… The statement issued by the Trump transition reflects a contempt for the truth.”
black man shoots himself in the head while taking a selfie
Satire strikes again. A man did not shoot himself in the head while taking a selfie
Black Lives MatterFake NewsPolitics
BLM Thug Protests President Trump With Selfie…Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Face – conservativepost.com Selfie Help – snopes.com
A black man accidentally shot himself in the face while attempting to take a selfie with his gun. This story is made up by a satirical news website.
LGBTs supporting Donald Trump
A rigorous deconstruction of the claim that Trump and all of his supporters are racists
Trump’s win is a reminder of the incredible, unbeatable power of racism – vox.com YOU ARE STILL CRYING WOLF – slatestarcodex.com
Donald Trump’s messages were clearly racist and divisive. He tapped into racial anxiety and outright hate to fuel his success. There is overwhleming evidence against the idea that all, or even most, Trump supporters are racists. In fact he has a lot of diversity in his supporters.
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Fake News, Traffic Growth and Crowdfunding

The Fake News phenomenon continued to roll along this week with more articles continuing to be written about it in most news outlets. I wrote an article calling on people to stop calling everything they disagree with fake news, and that drove a couple of thousands visitors to the blog.

Along with that traffic we have also seen a significant revival of plugin use over previous weeks, and expect that to continue now that I’m sending out these emails again and more actively engaged in social media. Of course, we are still a long way from our historic best performance, and even further from our goals.


As of now I am working on putting together a crowdfunding campaign to run over December. I will be looking for community feedback over the next few days as I pull this together. I will need help getting rewards to give to supporters, ideas for possible rewards, and would also love the help of anyone who has experience creating successful crowdfunding campaigns of this nature in the past.

I have just started a Reddit thread for people to suggest and offer rewards for the campaign. Please contribute ideas to that thread if you have any.

Also remember to use our Facebook workgroup page if you want to help out in any other way. Or simply reply to this email if you want to reach me.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading!

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