Some Survey Responses Are In…

by Shane on March 9, 2015

So I went away for the weekend (I got to watch the Eagles in concert) and came back to 60 responses to our survey so far. There are still some more coming in, and feel free to respond if you still haven’t, but I just wanted to thank everyone who has responded so far, and let those who have offered to help that I will be getting emails to you all over the next week or two.

Happiest result of the Survey:

No one has said that they hate rbutr and they want it to die.

Saddest result of the survey:

No one has a spare million dollars to give us.

Not Done the Survey Yet?

If you haven’t filled it out yet, go do it now!

Help rbutr Immunise the Web Against Misinformation

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I just published my most thorough explanation of the rbutr concept over at my blog the other day. It already has over 16,000 views. You can see it here.

I take the time to explain why we need a system like rbutr, explaining why none of the other methods used so far to fight misinformation have had any noticeable effect on its existence or prevalence. rbutr itself is only mentioned briefly at the end because my goal in this article is to convince people that the concept itself is important, and that the web *needs* it. The web doesn’t need rbutr. But it does *need* this system. And if need be, I’d be happy to throw rbutr under the bus in order to see that happen.

If you are unaware of the existence of the blog, it is probably because I haven’t actively talked about it much yet. Nor done too much with it. Yet. But the idea is that I will be publishing all of my philosophical conceptual articles there. Detached from rbutr itself, I think I will be able to reach a larger audience as people are more inclined to share cool ideas than they are willing to share promotional blog posts of a ‘company’ or whatever they may perceive rbutr as, with its logo, and domain and potential agenda etc.

So this blog stays here for all of the procedural posts – community updates, plugin updates, general information posts etc. But any writing I do on the conceptual aspects of the rbutr project and the consequences of widespread adoption or anything along those lines – it will go into the blog.

Speaking of which, the next post I publish over there will be about how it is that rbutr will change the world. It’s a complicated one to write, so it might take me some time. Again.

For now, go read this article:

The Memetic Immune System of the Internet

PS: If anyone wants to submit it to any other subreddits on reddit, that would be fine with us…. 😉

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Opening Up – rbutr needs your help.

March 4, 2015

Please fill out our short questionaire! The rbutr Beta launch happened 3 years ago on the 1st of March. Since then we have grown to a peak of roughly 20,000 plugin users, 30,000+ rebuttals mapped, and constant daily activity from committed members who want to see rbutr succeed as much as we do. All of that has […]

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rbutr is about more than rebuttals

March 2, 2015

I’ve always loved the name rbutr. It works on many levels, and is very brandable. But unfortunately it very strongly ties us to the word rebuttal – which is really just a part of what rbutr does. rbutr is about mapping contrary responses to the pages they respond to. Contrary responses may include corrections, debunkings, […]

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Net neutrality, Taylor Swift and a more inclusive KKK – The best of rbutr #12

November 14, 2014

Welcome to the 12th edition of the Best of rbutr email! Click here to subscribe to receive The best of rbutr via email. The Internet needs an immune system to stop misinformation from spreading to new minds and taking root. rbutr is a critical part of that immune system. Source Articles Response Articles Net Neutrality […]

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Shuttle explosion, vaccination, and police corruption – The best of rbutr #11

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Teach critical literacy with these real web argument pairs – Society

November 3, 2014

We’re looking for feedback from teachers who require good examples of arguments and counter arguments on various topics to use in classrooms, usually to teach critical literacy to their students. Below you will find a list of curated content where the left hand side is an article making an argument on some issue, and to […]

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Life on Mars, racist architecture, and the Pope vs evolution. The best of rbutr #10

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Banksy arrested, ebola scares, irrational atheism. The best of rbutr #9

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Interview by Shane about rbutr at Compassion Plans

October 5, 2014

A couple of months ago I did an interview with Compassion Plans about how we’re trying to make a positive impact on the world by fighting misinformation and the harmful impacts it has on the world. The interview was published a while ago, but I have only just caught up with my emails and had […]

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